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Manuel Goldring


In my experience, earning a livelihood is not the same as earning a life.
This poet and activist’s remark isn’t the only one about finding happiness outside of work. Many proverbs and adages stress the importance of a healthy work-life balance. A job is just that. Work to live, not vice versa. The list is endless.

But for Manuel Goldring, it’s more than cliches. It’s more than a poster with motivational quotes. It’s his philosophy. It’s a way of life. He resigned his work as an accountant and now only does what makes him happy. Manuel Goldring values his family, hobbies, and love of technology.
But that began to change in March. Manuel Goldring’s commitment grew exponentially once his first child was born. Being a dad gives him peace and purpose. It hasn’t been easy, like every new father’s. Bed rest deficient, full-time commitment punishing. The return is certainly worth the effort. Seeing his baby grin every morning is one of his biggest joys. He’s learning new skills. Even his own child, despite what others have told him, is special. There is no such thing as a universal solution. He, on the other hand, enjoys the ride. Every day he learns something new.

Manuel Goldring divides his time between investigating digital worlds and adjusting to parenthood. After a tough day, he turns to video games to relax. He’s loved video games since he was a kid. Growing up, he was hooked to sports and racing games like Madden and Forza. He did these things mostly with his brother. His tastes have developed as he has aged. He now mostly plays FPS games. His favorite, Escape from Tarkov, is a more nuanced and demanding take on the genre.